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Our snare bracelet, but with a new twist—a braid-like look. Great for men or women. Support the protection of wildlife by purchasing this handmade bracelet made from a real poacher’s snare apprehended in the Luano GMA in Zambia by game scouts working for Makasa Safaris. Bracelets are created by local women of the Soli tribe and proceeds empower not only these women, but also help pay for wildlife and habitat education programs for children and the broader public. Bracelets are hand-made, thus no two are exactly alike. Styles are similar, but each tribeswoman makes her own creation. Includes a certificate of authenticity.


Braided Sizes:

Small - 2.5" diameter / 8.25" length (circumference)
Medium - 3" diameter / 9.5" length (circumference)
Large - 3.5" diameter / 11" length (circumference)


African Snare Bracelet - Braided


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