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The Last Keeper - Digital ticket (includes panel discussion)

The Last Keeper: Montana native, wildlife conservationist, human rights activist and award winning filmmaker Tom Opre brings us the fierce battle over land use in Scotland. The raging, juxtaposing preservationists, politicians, and activists pitted against rural communities and landowners. Central to this conflict are the sporting estates, vital for the rural economy through recreational hunting, now caught in the crossfire of policy decisions. This battle, reminiscent of class warfare and the struggle for control over land and legacy, highlights the contrasts within Scotland's borders, reflecting deep-seated class divisions and a fight for control, ultimately underscores the complex, contrasting realities of Scotland. The future of biodiversity, habitat conservation, and age-old traditions hinges on this pivotal clash, echoing a powerful call for decisive action across the glens.This package includes a unique chance to go behind the scenes and learn more about the making of the film and the issues driving wildlife management in Scotland. You'll also watch a panel discussion from the live premiere in Edinburgh, Scotland with some inital reactions to the film. Other behind-the-scenes content like one on one interviews with videographers and sound engineers await too. Includes panel discussion with Scottish celebrities after the world premiere in Edinburgh.

The Last Keeper - Digital ticket (includes panel discussion)

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    Upon purchase, you will receive an email with information to access and screen the film. The attachment to the email has direct instructions on how to access the film. The link in the instructions will take you to Uscreen, where you will create an account and have access to the film. Once accessed, you'll have 24 hours to view the film. Your ticket for access will be good from the day you purchase through July 29. 2024. 

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